Thai Catering

Thai cuisine is well suited for parties. We recommend a buffet with elements of several different dishes so that all guests have the opportunity for a tasting experience that takes you from rich aromatic to hot chilli.

Catering for parties and events

Catering for events – large or small – should be booked well in advance, preferably at least a week. Let us know if you have any favorites on the menu – we will help you further with a good combination of dishes.

Menu suggestions

MENU 1 – kr. 448.00 pr. pers

  • Gai Stick (chicken satay with peanut sauce)
  • Kung Tort (Tiger Prawn tempura style)
  • Pad Pak Nam Man Hoi Moo (wok with neck of pork and broccoli in oyster sauce)
  • Gaeng Ped Gai (coconut chicken with red curry, bamboo and basil)

MENU 2 – kr. 598.00 pr. pers.

  • Gai Stick (chicken satay with peanut sauce)
  • Baa Bir Tort (spring rolls with chicken and sweet chili sauce)
  • Kung Tort (Tiger Prawn tempura style)
  • Pad Pak Nam Man Hoi Kung (wok with scampi and broccoli in oyster sauce)
  • Gaeng Keo Wan Moo (pork in green coconut curry)
  • Yam (spicy beef «salad»)

These menus are only suggestions – menus can be composed according to the customer’s wishes and according to the purpose.

  • The minimum order is for 10 people per. menu
  • The price mentioned above does not include delivery, set up for the buffet, or serving.

Order Catering from NAM FAH thai

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You can also call us on 22 38 29 90 or send an email to

The food is packed in larger portion dishes – à la the small dishes we use for individual portions. Effective in terms of keeping warm and hygiene – these dishes can be used on the table.

Transported in Styrofoam catering transport boxes (which we would appreciate getting back for reuse) which also keep the food warm for up to a couple of hours.

Tell us about the occasion, the number of guests, and the time and date of the event.

We have the opportunity to deliver if you can not pick up the food yourself. We recommend Oslo Taxi for transport.

(Small adjustment to the order min. 24 hour before delivery. Cancelation min. 3 days notice